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Fuck Social Media 2

I decided to translate my post « Fuck Social Media » in English for my readers who don’t speak French. I think that it could be interesting as i decided to write about something more ‘serious’ on my blog. I’m used to talk about clothes and doing (not) funny jokes in French with puns so it’s kinda hard to translate in English and I have to admit that i’m quite lazy to do it everytime haha.

It’s been more than a month since I last posted in here… I’m back with a subject that won’t be about clothes like i used to do. I wanted to talk a bit, share my mood and how i felt these past few months.

I kinda said it in my last posts : I don’t post as often as i used to on the blog and it’s quite the same on my social networks, especially on Snapchat for one reason :

I’m tired of Social Media 

How ironic for a blogger, you could think.

Fuck Social Media 6

I used to share some moments of my everyday life through my story on snapchat and I loved it. I liked sharing these moments and my everyday funny fails.

Fore those who have been following me for a while, i used to be quite discreet about my private life. I wanted to keep a distance between the image that you saw on my blog and the person that i really was. I wanted to protect myself (we can easily become paranoid with internet and social media).

Besides, some people often said that i looked kinda haughty. Well, i’m not the kind of person that will smile in the metro or who will ask you a question (who actually does that? i wanna know lol) but i don’t think that i’m a haughty person. Or maybe i can be when i don’t know a person, aha sorry.

Some friends (Hey Lucie) told me that it was a shame that i wasn’t the same person on my blog and IRL : the crazy girl who laughes 24/7 and tell non funny jokes.

I finally decided that i should stop being that girl i was pretending to be and start being the same girl IRL and on social media. So i started to be myself on the blog and write more jokes (even when they are not funny) and mostly being more active on Snapchat and lastly on Insta story. I had a lot of feedbacks and it’s so great to talk with all of you guys. I don’t share everything I like, i still have my ‘secret garden’ but i found a balance between the two and it was cool.

Fuck Social Media

I started to be more and more active on Snapchat and it became a reflex to open my app to share when something interesting (or not) happened. I love sharing moments with you but social networks
can quickly become an addiction. I became aware that i sometimes lived my life through my screen instead of actually living it.

I didn’t share my life 24/7 on snapchat, it wasn’t a reality show but i spent A LOT of time on this app. It’s quite the same for IG, especially since they launched « Insta Story ». You can easily lose yourself watching stories of your friends, people your virtually know, unknown people and people you don’t even care about. It’s an endless spiral, i swear. So, i started to turn off some stories of people i
follow because i was tired of seeing useless stories and losing my time there (it’s the best invention, you should try, it’s really cool haha

Ps : To turn off stories of people, you just need to press 2 sec on the avatar of the story of your choice. Then, you will be able to turn it off, et voilà 🙂

Fuck Social Media 7

After this long monologue about social networks, i wanted to say that i don’t look down on it (i swear)

So why  » Fuck Social media » ? In three words : voyeurism, division and addiction.

Social networks gave me the opportunity to work with brands, thanks to it, i can link with these and meet cool people. It’s also an easy way to talk with you. I’m happy when i have messages and reactions from you. Thank you !

Social Media was a great thing at the beginning. It gave us the opportunity to stay in touch with our friends, gather people from all around the world with common interests and connect people together.
Social networks still allow that but a « dark »
 side, way less cool, rose: voyeurism, division and addiction.

What i dislike about SM is the voyeurism that even became exhibitionism (thanks Kim K). Social Media
succeeded to gather but eventually divide people at the same time. Have you ever been surrounded by people and felt alone because everybody was on their cellphone ? or seen a couple at the restaurant focus on their phone instead of talking to each other? A bit sad isn’t it ? 

All those social networks became addictive, i don’t even count how many times i open my apps everyday.

Protect me from heavy social media use Weekday

Two years ago i was on holidays, boating with my friends, i was taking pictures and sharing moments on Snapchat (of course) and water got into my phone. What a great idea to leave it on the seat without
noticing the water haha. Anyway, i switched off my phone and let it dry in a box filled with rice to try to save it (and it works! #ProTip haha).

Digital detox?

I was forced to live without my phone during three days (it’s a lot when you’re addicted to your phone!) and started a digital detox.

The first day was very hard, i had the bad habit to check my phone every 5 minutes to check if i had notifications. It’s very frustrating not having a phone. Day by day (ok it was only 3 days but it felt forever) i started getting used to live without my phone and i have to admit that it was cool to not be connected 24/7. When i got my phone back i was happy at the beginning and i finally thought that
it wasn’t that bad not having it.

I remember that digital detox very well and i still say to myself that i should do it more often. it’s so good for your brain to disconnect a bit and not be aware of the last picture or funny video
(i have another passion for funny videos/memes and i spend a lot of time watching those, but that’s another story haha).

Fuck Social Media 5

So what are you going to do? Are you gonna stop all social media?

No, i won’t, first because i still like it. I can stay in touch on Facebook, find inspiration on Instagram, talk with you and last but not least : share funny stuff on snapchat.

I will try to reduce all my hours spend on social media. Here are some tips that i will try to put into practice, you can try them too !

– Avoid opening SM when i wake up and spend too much time before sleeping

– Close IG when you get lost in the IG stories of an unknown person (and
turn off story if needed haha)

– Try to eat without checking social networks, these moments are really

important !
– Try to do a « digital detox » from time to time, it could be one night or a day.

– Leave your phone at home during one day (or more) when you are on holiday

– If you’re really sick and tired of SM, switch it off and go outside to
 take some fresh air
– Instead of liking your friends’ pictures, invite them to grab a drink or eat somewhere

If you have more advice, please let me know 🙂

Fuck Social Media 3

This is officially the longest post ever that i wrote on my blog. I’m not used to talking that much and especially about another topic not linked with clothes lol. Thank you if you have read all the post, you really deserved an award !

Ps : i’m not saying it enough but THANK YOU for following me. Thanks to the people who comment and like my pictures, to the people that have been following me for ages but never write on my SM, thank you !

Let’s catch up very soon with the usual program, outfits and all. Tell me if you want more posts like this and if you want me to translate my posts more often. Meanwhile, i have a LOT of pictures of my trip in Japan that i wanted to share with you.

See ya xx

Thanks you @Jyazu for helping me to translate this post in correct English haha

Fuck Social Media 4

Parka : Volcom / T-shirt : Weekday / Jeans : Levi’s Vintage / Sneakers : Air Force 1
Photos : @Jyazu

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